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The idea for the website came about when I was visiting my German girlfriend on holiday. We met in Cape Town a few years earlier while she was a student doing an English language course. During my visit to Germany I chatted with some of her fellow student friends about the large number of foreign students that study or do internships in Cape Town. We also discussed the City’s beautiful scenary and many things there are to do which got them all very excited.

It quickly became clear that there was a lot of interest amongst these guys to find out more about the city for studying or internship purposes. However no comprehensive website with relevant information targeting students was available that I could refer them to. As Cape Town is a popular international student destination it was clear that the city needs such a website. It was with this in mind that babalaas.net was born.

The word ‘babalaas’ is a uniquely South African word. It is a slang Afrikaans word for hang-over. All students can relate to hang-over as this is an international phenomenon. The name therefore combines South Africa, students and good times in one. So it came quite naturally: the name that all students will remember when they have been to South Africa should be linked to the website.

The purpose of the site is to give foreign students tips on how to prepare for student life in Cape Town. Whether doing an internship, foreign study semester or language course the site will inform them how to prepare to get to Cape Town, and then of course assist with traveling and leisure time activities.

Cape Town has been designed for the tourist. Beautiful scenary, crazy funloving people, lots of pubs and that big mountain slap bang in the middle makes this a great city to visit. Guaranteed you will enjoy your time here and you will always hope to come back – that is the magnetic power of that great quartzite stone called Table Mountain.

I hope that you enjoy your time visiting this website, but make sure not to miss the real thing.


This website was made by:

Contact: chris @ studentenmail.de

Chris Hewett,12 Ascot Grove, Grand National Blvd. Royal Ascot, Cape Town, SA

Christiane Mauder, Brunnengasse 6, 97464 Niederwerrn , Germany

Ricarda Meier, Freibadstr. 14, 81543 München, Germany



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