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Newlands Forest is a large secluded forest area next to Table Mountain for relaxed walks and mountain biking. To get there take the M3 freeway and drive past the University of Cape Town (from city centre side) and watch out for a small sign on your right indicating directions to the forest. read more about Newlands Forest

Also popular is the Tokia Forest reserve, off Spaanschemat Drive. These are quite safe areas and a lot of locals and their families frequent them. For other secret hiking areas link onto http://www.uncoverthecape.co.za/hiking-guide.htm which you find on a map of Cape Town.

The Noon Gun (http://www.saao.ac.za/~wpk/gallery/pics/noongun1.html) on Signal Hill notifies the city every day that it is 12h00. It is an old canon that is fired off every day since 1864. It is quite a thrilling sound, especially if you drive up close on Signal Hill and count the seconds down before the Noon Gun fires.

Rugby is a national sport in South Africa. The local team is the Stormers (for the Super 14 competition) and Western Province (for the local Curry Cup). For a great experience with electrifying atmosphere visit a rugby match at the Newlands stadium when the locals are playing. Tickets are not very expensive and having a few beers at the stadium and enjoying a game is a great way to start off an evening.

Windmill beach is a small secluded beach next to Boulders Beach. Many people, including locals, don’t know about this little beach. It has very clear waters and is perfect for snorkeling. Just take the small residential side street passing Boulders Beach entrance and you’ll discover this little piece of paradise.

Off Kommetjie lighthouse is a nice safe and secluded beach for those romantics. Ask the local at Kommetjie for directions to this beach.

Or go for a nice picnic on a beautiful wine farm at Bien Donne, near Franschoek.
(http://www.picnicfestival.co.za) Usually on the opening day of this picnic festival, live music by good South African bands is performed. Unfortunately no food or drinks are admitted as snacks and drinks must be bought at the stalls inside. But the atmosphere is great.

At Getwine (http://www.getwine.co.za) you can stock up on labled and unlabled South African wine by ordering on-line and having it delivered to your door. These wines are very affordable and come onto the market when the exchange rate doesn’t favour wine exports. As a result there is an over supply of wines and therefore become available domestically at very good prices.

Finally, the winter months (June – August) in Cape Town are referred to as the Secret Season. During this time prices for accommodation are low and the town and attractions are not overcrowded with visitors. The weather is not too bad, a bit rainy and overcast, but often a few beautiful days make an appearance. Things to do during this time is just plain relaxing, red wine tasting, enjoying the flower season (starting in August) and watching the whales arrive in July.

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