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There are a number of language schools that specialise in teaching English. The ones recommened by this site are the well known Cape Communication Centre http://www.lalgroup.com/africa/africaindex.htm , the Cape Town Language Centre http://www.geosct.co.za and Good Hope Studies http://www.ghs.co.za.

But English is not the only language you can learn here. Here you can also learn German, French, Afrikaans, Japanese and many more.

The Cape Communication Centre which is part of the LAL Language Centres, is located on 219 Main Rd, Greenpoint close to the town centre and a nice beachfront area. It is a highly recommended language school for English due to good teachers and lessons. In addition it has agreements with cheap accommodation options in close vicinity to the school’s location.

The Cape Town Language Centre also comes highly recommended and is located at no. 32 St Georges Mall, in the town centre. It is literally located in the middle of the city and is close to many amenities (museums, shopping, restaurants, craft markets and many more). They offer general, intensive as well as business english courses for the more advanced. Accommodation can also be arranged through them when a student.

Good Hope Studies has two offices, one in the City centre and one in the Southern Suburbs. The city office is also located in St Georges Mall whereas the suburbs office is located in the quiet upmarketed residential area of Newlands.

Also note that when you don’t have your own transport, it might be better for you to live close to the institution where you are doing your course. For this purpose, the city centre is a logical place to locate yourself as most language schools and other amenities are closely situated here.

The above schools are located in safe parts of Cape Town. However when traveling on foot at night, always try traveling with someone. Always stay alert and if you have a vehicle that is parked on street, remove the radio (if removable) and leave any valuables out of site. During day-time the mini-bus taxis can be used to and from the language schools. They are cheap and quick, but not recommended for longer trips and traveling at night.

These language centres are only recommended from good feedback received from students that studied there. However, for a more comprehensive list of language schools in Cape Town, go to http://www.owls.co.za/english/languageschools.htm or to http://ctic.co.za/Default.asp?Category=Language%20Schools or enquire through your nearest travel agent.

Due to possible office moves it’s advised to check out the websites for updated locations within the city.

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